Services: Physical Rehabilitation

Physical Rehabilitation is an integral part of the patient's recovery. It is the development of exercise protocols and processes that assist the body is returning to a more normal state of health. Whether you are young, old, male, female, big or small, if you are experiencing some form of disease then you will benefit from exercises.

A balance program needs to include, flexibility, cardiovascular, endurance and strength train and be tailored to your individual needs. Patience and commitment is key. Active exercise is initiated only when the injury site has been stabilized.

The patient's level of fitness is evaluated according to a series of standardized flexibility, strength, endurance, and cardiovascular test. From the initial test results, each patient receives their own customized active program, which is designed and supervised by our team of professionals. Routine evaluations will provide a basis for comparison with baseline results and implementation of any necessary modifications.

The program consists of stretching, resistance exercises, and cardiovascular conditioning. Our clinic provides all the equipment necessary to complete such a program. The goals of active rehabilitation are to increase mobility, strengthen the injured areas and associated muscles, and to heighten the patient's awareness regarding their condition.

Furthermore, the patient will benefit from improved cardiovascular fitness and overall physical capacity. Each patient will be provided with individualized home exercises and advised on how to perform safe and proper movements in activities of daily and in the work place.