Services: Orthotics

The chiropractor may advise the patient on orthotic therapy following a comprehensive gait analysis. Many gait abnormalities result in improper biomechanics, which translate into pain.

The patient will be provided with custom-made orthotics. A cast will be taken of the patient's feet using foam or plaster and then sent to a laboratory to be customized.

Did you know that many medical conditions first exhibit their symptoms in the feet? Did you know that if you suffer from a biomechanical gait abnormality, that the alignment of your entire body is off and many problems can result such as foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain, leg pain, hip pain and even back pain?

In many cases, wearing orthotics reduces the incidence of more severe problems saving you pain and suffering.

Orthotics are customized insoles worn in any type of shoe and they correct the way a patient walks. If a patient is walking incorrectly, their entire body can be out of alignment causing all types of problems including foot, ankle, leg, hip, and lower back pain.

Our Footmaxx Computerized System analyzes the way you walk, by scanning the bottom of your foot while you step across the pressure mat. Our doctor uses the information displayed on the Footmaxx proprietary software to assist in a diagnosis. Our doctor can provide you with a pre-determination of need by ordering a Gait and Pressure Analysis Report. The report presents clinical analysis, statements, summaries and conclusions concerning your foot function.

How the Footmaxx System Works: a patient's perspective


Step One: The patient walks across the Footmaxx force plate which contains 960 capacitance points and is scanned by a computer 30 times per second allowing for 3/100 second interval analysis of each footstep.



Step Two: The clinician reviews preliminary test results with the patient explaining the gait line and the 2D and 3D images. At the lab, the patient's file is analyzed, Gait and Pressure Analysis Report is generated and, if necessary, a prescription for orthotics is specified.



Step Three: The manufacturing process begins with a specification sheet generated by Metascan which is coupled with any additional instructions indicated by the medical practitioner.



Step Four: Within just days of receiving an orthotic order via modem, the customization process is complete and the orthotics are sent to the Quality Control Department where they are carefully checked against the Metascan prescription and the clinician's instructions.